Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow arrived in the UK and causing problems - only for Human

Snow has arrived! Specially when I had to go to Open show....  In this country the road is not prepared for sudden snow fall of 4 inches. (10cm)

Reminds me of North Germany, where we were at Christmas 2010! Beautiful....

As expected, the show got cancelled next morning unfortunately.
At least we tried to get there. They gave us nice cup of hot chocolate, thank you!

But it is pretty to see snow covering everything....looking nice for a change. I have to make most of it. Snow and nature woke my wild side within.... Here smiling,  I am thinking to throw this snow balls at.... you know who, but he warned me!!!

I think Boris is the one who most benefited with this weather

So, I could not see people I was looking forward to meeting, but never mind!

Next show is CRUFTS 2012 at NEC, so if you are coming, please pre-order for picking up! then get discount! MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo Stand will be Hall 5-28, near obedient ring.