Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I can not believe that I was there only one year ago, it was my only 4th Show then, and I did not even have Gazebo... All I had was a Table and Banners! How brave, It was wonderful weather like today.....Yes, I came long way, but happy way.

Today, one of my client with Papillon explained to me how they use MD10 White Silky Smooth Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Silky Smooth.

She is one of my longest client and it is nice to see her and a chat with her and her husband. And this is "How to use MD10 Shampoo in her way for her Papillon". Everybody is different, but this may give you another idea too.

She uses MD10 White Silky Smooth, and MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo on her Papillon, depending on the season, if she thinks the coat is dry side, she use MD10 Yorkshire Terrier Shampoo. 

After Shampoo the dog, she "Towel Dry" the dog. Then "Apply Diluted Conditioner using Spray", then blow dry. In this way, she can control the amount of Conditioner, and Where....Then she does not brush the dog until needed.

She showed her beautiful Papillons, one was washed 6 weeks ago, one 4 weeks ago, the last one was 2 weeks ago. .... All of them looks beautiful, clean, silky coat with nice volume.

She was so happy the fact she does not wash the dogs as much as she used, since MD10 Products. Thus it is easier for dogs, clients, and cheaper too!!

She believes that MD10 Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best shampoo for their Papillon.

Thank you very much......

Also I met another person I met last July.... Her Name is Hannah, who makes Very nice personalised durable Pet Tags, which is coated with Poly and it is hard wearing. I lost her contact so, now I am very happy to find her!

Her Pet Tags are so good, and I highly recommend them. Do you need Tag for your Pet?

I am so exhaused being older.... but I am leaving tomorrow for setting up of Southern Counties Canine Association show in Newbury. This is my first time there, so I am bit nervous for setting up. But I am excited to see new faces !!!!!!!!!!