Monday, 7 June 2010

Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo MD10 UK, First Out Door Dog Show in the UK

Had a very first OUT DOOR dog show ever. Even though MD10 Pet Grooming Shampoo have been on the market for long time in continental Europe, Guildford Salford Park Dog Show was first time for me to exhibit outside.

I was worried because I did not have time to purchase Gazebo by then, and the weather day before was awful.

Since I was working as video camera operator, I was very lucky not to have rain, never, on my shooting day. So this proved my luck again.

Strange enough, all the dog show I attended with Tomas in Spain was all indoors. May be they do not have out door dog shows as much as here.

Thank you very much for the client who showed interest in our products.

Now I have to concentrate getting ready for the World Biggest Dog Show "World Dog Show" in Denmark, which is held in one of largest Exhibition Centre in Europe. (Yes, it is indoors!)

Tomás, his daughter Isabel and myself will be at the stand. Please come and visit us!

I wonder if anybody comes from Japan to the dog show, but if anybody did, please visit us our stand D3260!