Saturday, 7 December 2013

MD10 Ltd Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo photo contest Calender is out!

I haven't updated this blog for so long... sorry. So many things, winnings were happening in FB, but no time.... sorry for non FB users.

If you are interested, please visit our FB. I will update more blogs in the new year. 

Recently, clients in the USA are increasing. I believe, it is word of mouth. One client with poodle wrote to me kindly...

My client in USA sent me a very kind message over the weekend. She has toy poodles and bought MD10 Texture Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Volume. (

"MD10 volume/texture was received and used on my companion Poodles Ginger and Aladen and I wanted to share my experience with you. Actually, the positive experience started in the bath where they did not fight me every step of the way even lifting the paws (instead of me lifting the paw) for foot wash and under carriage. Aladen did not cling to the side of the of the tub and they both seemed to enjoy the procedure. Then came the blow dry and I can honestly say these dogs have not enjoyed such a coat since early adulthood if even then. A comb glided thru the coat, it is soft and a bit harsh at the same time. I want to thank you and if they could talk, i am sure they would thank you also. You have an outstanding product, in fact, the best I have ever used."

USA — feeling wonderful.