Sunday, 5 August 2012

MD10 Distributor in Moscow with her Chow Chow!

Alena is one of my client from long time.... with her Chow Chow. Her dog is very successful and obviously, she has a good dog to start with. 

I met her near our house in Surrey on her way to her friends in the UK - then she was going to Paington Championship Dog Show 2012 next week. 

She told me that "MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo is very easy, just wash and go!!! I don't have to do much grooming all the time. It just gives very good texture and volume. Judges thinks his coat texture is great and smell nice of herbal - on MD10 Herbal Texture - I am lazy, so MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo suits me so much, and Best Dog Shampoo for my Chow Chow." 

- It makes sense.....

Her Chow Chow has been very successful even he is 2 years old, this May, he won Chow Chow Club show!
Actually this beautiful spot was found by Alena from Moscow!
I am local but never new this great meeting point of just off M25

I do admire Alena.... she drives everywhere with her dogs, I know dogs keep her company, but at least 4, 5 days from Moscow to the UK, and love her energy and passion.

Because she loves MD10 so much, she sells in Moscow in Russia.

Her shop is:

It is written in Russian....!

Thank you Alena for come and see me!