Monday, 22 August 2011

Welsh Kennel Club Show, August 19 - 21, 2011 Builth Wells

MD10 was at the Welsh Kennel Club Show last weekend, 19 - 21 August at Builth Wells.

Another Good News for Mariel with her her beautiful Lowchen, Ballarat Amaruna. She kindly came to tell me that her Lowchen got 1st Bitch, and 2 more show to become a champion!!

It is good to see my client happy - obviously, our shampoo doesn't change their dogs' body structure, but help to give them beautiful finishing touch.

Another good tip I got from my clients.

If you find the dog's coat is bit dull or sticky after the conditioner, conditioner may be too thick for your dog - even as correct consistency.

After our discussion, my client tried to dilute the conditioner much thinner (her case she did 10g per 1 Litre), and it worked on her dog very well and she visited to show her dog, which looked very nice and felt nice.

So, please try this when you have that problem!