Tuesday, 12 July 2011

World Dog Show in Paris France 2011 - ワールドドッグショー 2011年

MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo & Conditioner, proved again, that they are one of the best Dog Shampoos & Conditioners on the market, again at World Dog Show in Paris!

From 7 to 10 July 2011, we were at World Dog Show in Paris France. There we met numerous new client from all over the world, including Russia, China, Betnam, France, Finland, etc, etc, which was very interesting for us.

Also the reason I decided to sell MD10 Professional Dog Shampoo & Conditioners is from real experience from myself, obviously, when we try to tell them "MD10 is one of Best Dog Shampoo for Spanish Water Dog" (for example), people simply do not believe us...., and I can understand their doubt.

Then, after that MD10 client told them the experience, they came back and purchased to see the truth by themselves.

I can imagine all sales people say "this is best... " for anything, to get a sales.
But, this is my business, and I can not say that if I really do not believe in these MD10 Dog Shampoos! I use on my Spanish Water Dog, and my hair, my husband's hair.... 

One of MD10 Dog Shampoo Clients from Spain visited our stand during the World Dog Show in Paris too.

The Alaskan Malamute client who appears in the interview in our website video 
now, they use our new MD10 Herbal Texture Shampoo for their Alaskan Malamute, for coarse coat.

And, their dog became "CHAMPION OF CHAMPION" of Alaskan Malamute at the World Dog Show in Paris this year!

MD10 Herbal Texture add the finishing touch for their great looking Alaskan Malamute.
They told me that MD10 Herbal Texture is one of the Best Shampoo for the coarse coat for their Alaskan Malamute, which including all Nordic Breed, 
because this shampoo gives back original coat texture such as Volume. And the Shampoo keeps coarse coat coarse even just after the shampoo.

The new stand design for MD10 Professional Dog Grooming Shampoo and Conditioner

We were absolutely exhausted by the time we came back to South London (Surrey) last night... however, I receive great news from my client who tried MD10 White Texture Shampoo and MD10 Conditioner Volume for her Bichon Frise, and she wrote me an email as follows;

"I used the white texture shampoo and the volume conditioner for the first time this weekend on my Bichon Frise. 

Well, what a difference. Your products are fantastic. My Bichon has a very soft, fine coat and his body was very hard to scissor because it had no volume to it.  His head would flop and part in the middle soon after blow drying. I used the same shampoo white texture for his head and body and also used the volume conditioner. After blow drying, he had a magnificent full, thick head. His body was so much thicker and much easier to scissor. I didn't think his coat could feel any softer but incredibly it does. Not only that, he is so much whiter! Thank you."

What can I say.... Can I say, "MD10 White Texture shampoo is one of the Best Dog Shampoo for Bichon Friese?" Am I allowed to say this?