Monday, 21 March 2011

UK TOY DOG SOCIETY 2011 - Anniversary of MD10 Debut in the UK

Next Saturday 26th March 2011 is our First Anniversary of Debut in the UK, at the UK Toy Dog Society Championship Show 2011.

The first year went so quickly, however, it has been very rewarding year. Thank you very much to ALL of MY CLIENTS who have been supporting us in many way. Without you guys, I would not be able to be there next week!!!

I have ordered limited number of small presents to thank my clients at the show next week, so please do visit me!

------------- MD 10 UK NEWS -------------------

Soon, I will introduce new shampoo called "TEXTURE HERBAL".

This is for textured coat but specially good with coarse coat. If you think normal TEXTURE shampoo is not coarse enough for your dog, this is the one to choose.

Good feedback from ALASKAN MALAMUTE, ANY NORDIC BREEDS, including Beaded Collies.

It has been on the market in Spain, and after the good results, now I decided to bring into the UK for my clients.
The difference is Instead of using purified water, the infusion of Thyme and Rosemary is used for this shampoo.

I will write about this in the next blog....

My dear clients with Toy Dogs, see you next week!!!