Saturday, 9 October 2010

MD10 UK Dog Shampoo at South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show

This weekend, we are at Wales for South Wales Kennel Association Champ Show. Wales reminds me of Japan and bit of Spain, because of the hills.... and such a lovely countryside they have.

For us it was quite challenging but quite successful show so far. I have met more and more happy clients who bought our dog shampoos and conditioners from previous shows - those clients of the breed includes Newfoundland, Yorkshire Terriers, Tibetan Terriers, German Spits and so on.

However, MD10 Conditioner is very highly concentrated and sometime client may make it too thick. (too strong). In that case you will have too oily/wet side effect, so any of you who bought our conditioner and wondering what is wrong, please check the consistency again - or if not sure with any of our products, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I WILL TRY TO ASSIST UNTIL YOU ARE HAPPY.

Tomorrow is the last day for the show, so I have to go now to go to bed early, getting ready for it!

Thank you very much again for all of our new clients and supporters.